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Calluses. Fast.

  • Strong, long-lasting calluses on demand

  • Prevents finger pain for musicians

  • Prevents blisters from running, lifting, crafting

  • Safe and non-toxic, unlike Super Glue

  • New! Improved fast drying, low odor formula

  • New! Convenient brush cap applicator

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Introducing QuikCallus

The first non-toxic method to promote and sustain callus development.
It works for beginners with no calluses at all, and veterans who depend on them.
Best of all, QuikCallus enhances your body's own natural calluses. Read the FAQs


QuikCallus was originally designed by musicians, for musicians. It works for beginners with no calluses at all, and veterans who may not have the time to play their instrument every day of the year.


QuikCallus has recently taken off in the barefoot running community, after a special endorsement from Michael Sandler in his new book, "Barefoot Running". QuikCallus can protect your toes and feet while you develop calluses naturally.


QuikCallus is great for weightlifters, rowers, and other athletes who depend on their grip. And QuikCallus works to protect your existing hard-earned calluses by sealing out moisture, which can soften the skin.

Guitarists & Stringed Musicians

Guitarists and other stringed musicians often experience pain in their fingertips from repeatedly pressing the strings against the fretboard. Some guitarists used an adhesive such as SuperGlue to create an artificial callus, which provided protection at the expense of using a classified skin irritant with toxic by-products.

QuikCallus provides a safe, strong, flexible alternative that can prevent finger pain immediately and encourage your natural calluse development:

Initial Stimulus: Pressing down on guitar strings causes the body to release growth factors that alter the division of cells. The strings often cause pain and discomfort to the fingertips of new guitarists.
Surface Callus: This leads to a hardened surface or callus on the guitarist's fingertips that shields the guitar player from finger pain. QuikCallus provides this surface callus and creates a waterproof seal over the skin.
Additional Stimulus: Additional stress from playing the guitar releases more growth factors below the pain receptors and the guitar callus is reinforced. This is how QuikCallus prevents finger pain and encourages natural callus formation.

Actual Testimonials From Our Customers

  • Great product for a musician who's been inactive for a few years. Now I can pick up my instrument and play for more than half an hour!

  • Amazing product, I am more than satisfied, I am a beginner guitar player and this product helped me so much, I am able to play longer without my fingers hurting and the sound coming out it is way more smooth and professional! AMAZING!!!

  • Great for long playing sessions! Say goodbye to finger soreness.

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