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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a callus?

A callus is a thickened area of skin that forms as a result of repeated contact or pressure. Calluses are often formed on the hands and feet, and are common among athletes who train regularly. String instrument musicians tend to form calluses on their fingertips as a result of repeatedly pressing strings to an instrument's fretboard. It is the body's way of protecting the fingertip from long-term damage by sufficiently "padding" its surface. Among musicians, calluses are also referred to as 'finger pads'.

How does QuikCallus work?

QuikCallus works by bonding to water molecules on the skin, forming a protective coating that alleviates the pain associated with building up calluses. Additional stress is transmitted deep under the skin, below pain receptors and encouraging your body's natural formation of calluses.

Is QuikCallus the same as Super Glue?

Not Exactly. The active ingredient in QuikCallus Callus Enhancer is a safe alternative to the ethyl- and methyl-based cyanoacrylates found in hardware grade adhesives such as Super Glue. Applying methyl-, alkyl-, and some ethyl-based adhesives to the skin results in a harmful chemical reaction, the byproduct of which is formaldehyde - a carcinogenic chemical classified as a skin irritant. QuikCallus is intended to be a non-toxic solution to the old guitarists' trick of applying cyanoacrylate to the fingertips of your fretting hand, and it boasts a fast drying, low-odor formula to make it ideal for use on surface skin areas.

Does QuikCallus affect the tone of my instrument?

Yes! A callused-finger pressing on a string produces a warmer, crisper sound. An uncallused fingertip contributes to a more muddled, dull edge to the sound created by the instrument. The effect is subtle, but well-known among musicians and studio engineers. QuikCallus can simulate this "callused-finger tone." This is especially true in the case of acoustic stringed instruments such as violins, cellos, and acoustic guitars (nylon and steel-stringed).

What does QuikCallus smell like?

Unlike other adhesives, QuikCallus does not have a sharp medical odor. In fact our formula is uniquely designed to smell pleasant - if we had to name the odor, we would settle for something along the lines of 'Sugared Honey Surprise'.

How do I apply QuikCallus?

  • 1. For musicians, we recommend first playing your instrument to see where your fingertips actually make contact with the strings.
  • 2. Apply a thin coat of QuikCallus with our handy brush applicator, and allow it to fully dry over the course of about a minute.
  • 3. Pick up your instrument and start playing without pain. Do not play an instrument until QuikCallus has fully dried - you could get adhesive on your strings or fretboard.

Can I use more than one coating of QuikCallus?

People with overly sensitive fingertips might require extra coats. If thats the case, simply apply another coat after the original coat has dried. Its faster and stronger to apply two thin coats than one extremely thick coat. After you start to feel more comfortable playing, gradually reduce the number of coats until you can finally play with your fingers alone.

How long does QuikCallus last?

A single application of QuikCallus will last up to 24 hours, unless it is actively removed. One bottle of QuikCallus has hundreds of applications. Remember, a small amount goes a long way.

Can I use QuikCallus to fill cuts and scrapes?

We don't recommend it and advise that QuikCallus ONLY be used on unbroken skin surfaces. Though the formula is non-toxic, QuikCallus is not manufactured in a sterile environment and could therefore cause infection when applied to open wounds.

How do I remove QuikCallus?

QuikCallus will naturally flake off over the course of a regular day. If you would like to remove it sooner, you can wash the applied area repeatedly with soap and water, or gently rub nail polish remover to dissolve the formula. Others have been known to find satisfaction through carefully peeling off the protective coating themselves.

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