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The following testimonials are real and unedited from regular QuikCallus users who were kind enough to thank us after using our product.

  • I use QuikCallus at least every month when we do our country music show. I play acoustic guitar for about 8 hours and it really helps out - even if I have fairly decent calluses - and especially if I don't!!

  • I am very impressed with the product. It does what it says. Practicing guitar is much more easier. No pain or discomfort. Can still feel the strings quite ok. Using it also for my son who is learning guitar. He also finds it much easier during practice. I was quietly cautious whether or not it works, but it does. Have ordered a 2nd bottle.

  • works well for bassists.

  • I love to play guitar but unfortunately time goes by and so do my calluses, this is a solution.

  • Works great. My daughter and I are learning guitar and it has made both of our lives much easier.

  • As a working musician having consistent touch is an absolute must. As a player with very acidic sweat among the array of other challenges keeping my fingers in tip top shape was just another issue to deal with. This product is an absolute miracle! It does what it says, perfect calluses all day everyday. Thank you quikcallus. Justin Bloudoff

  • I'm a professional musician in Nashville and I've used this stuff since day one.

  • Very simply, it works, no more sore fingers.

  • Great product. It does exactly what is advertised.

  • I've been a weekend musician for almost 50 years and I'm hard on my calluses. String bending, stretching, sliding and so forth pretty much wore off my calluses every weekend. When occasional three- or four-day gig would come along, I was in real pain by the fourth day. Before I found QuikCallus I would use superglue to help me through situations like this, but it was difficult to apply, you had to be careful that you didn't stick to something while you were waiting for it to dry, and it's carcinogenic. I figured there had to be something better, so I Googled for "artificial callus" and found QuikCallus. This stuff is awesome! It has an applicator brush, which makes it way easier to apply than superglue, it's not carcinogenic, and one application will last about four hours. As a bonus, since you're not wearing off your own calluses, they get a chance to really grow in right. I love this stuff and don't plan to ever be without a bottle.

  • A friend recommended using it as I had just started playing guitar again after a couple of years so a newbie again. This stuff was fantastic allows to play for over an hour as a newbie ( I play 6 string steel acoustic). Note it does take a little time to dry but worth it. HIGHLY recommend

  • It's been very helpful for my playing ukulele. I have bony fingers and had experienced a series of fingertip injuries. The Quick callus has increased my playing time and comfort.

  • I use QuikCallus virtually every time I play guitar. It's a great product.....much better than a couple others I've used. I highly recommend it to all stringed musical instrument players looking for less finger tip pain. QuikCallus allows me to play pain-free.

  • Awesome product for building calluses for guitar playing.This product works great and I highly recommend it.

  • Very good product, it does what I was expecting, protecting my fingers and it did a good job THANK YOU

  • Bought QuikCallus for my finger tips after starting to learn acoustic guitar, and finding my fingers were getting sore really fast. From the first application I noticed a huge difference, I could practice for longer without any pain in my finger tips. Very quick and easy to use, just like putting nail polish on your finger tips. Now that I am starting to form my own calluses, QuikCallus helps protect them and give me an extra layer of comfort. Definitely recommend for the beginner guitarist, to help with the pain associated with fretting the strings and to protect your own calluses as they develop.

  • I play Irish folk music in the southeast states..........yes no one knows it here. But for the month of March for St. Patrick's day I always have marathon days. Your QuickCallus worked great for me this year. Two days of 12 hour playing. I always worried every year but your product has taken that stress out of it. Thank you so much.

  • Great product for guitar playing. Does just as it says, protects and builds resistance.

  • Great product! As a guitar player I had been looking for something like this to protect my fingers. Quikcallus is the perfect solution to prevent sore fingers!

  • Over the past 30 years I've had times where the skin on my finger tips becomes soft and my calluses wear away, making it painful to play guitar, but the condition would ususally heal itself. However, this condition lingered for the last 6 months and I had to stop playing acoustic guitar as the thicker strings cut through my fingers. I bought QuikCallus and it arrived the day before I had to play which allowed me to play an acoustic guitar without losing my skin. I use it every time I play now, and it appears that my natural calluses are forming again and I've been playing electric guitar up to 6 hours a day. Stuart Kast Australia

  • Works well, allowed me to play longer and build natural finger calluses for guitar.

  • Good Stuff Before when I played guitar for short periods at any one time I was Okay. But when I started playing for hours at a time I got very sore fingers. Since I started using QuikCallus I can play as long as I want with no problems at all. And, the fingers just keep getting better with every use. I also play the upright bass, I have used all sorts of tapes, gloves and other home remedies with no luck. A few coats of QuikCallus has solved the problem. Thanks folks, a good product. As a mater of fact I'm now ordering more, my so called friends keep stealing it. Thanks

  • As a "senior" fiddler and guitar picker, I just can't make and keep natural calluses the way I could when I was younger. Without QC, I likely wouldn't be playing anymore. (new formula is really better than the old one!) - EdGe

  • This a great product for all those stringed instrument players who either do not play often enough or have not yet developed finger calluses. It is quick drying and becomes effective very quickly. Well done QuikCallus!!

  • I wish I knew about this product earlier!!! It is the answer to a problem to all guitarists who never develop a "true" callus in a sense of the word. I build up callus material, then it peels off and until it builds back up, my fingertips are very sensitive. This solves that problem completely. I actually tried an experiment, I used Quikcallus, but didn't play, I did a lot of maintenance around the house, including washing my hands frequently. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was still intact on my fingers!!! Please, whatever you do, don't discontinue this product!!!!!

  • It Works!!!

  • I have played guitar since the age of eleven, I am now sixty two. In recent years I have been suffering from painful fingertips, I guess it's my age, thinning skin and all that. I tried surgical spirit and various other old fashioned remedies but nothing worked. I resorted to playing my old nylon strung guitar more and more because it was easier on the fingertips. I Googled the words 'guitarist's sore fingertips' and up came 'QuikCallus' so I ordered it. It was delivered within a few days and I applied some. To my great joy and relief it actually works. I am now back on the steel strings and this ol' boy is gigging again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my fingers. - Tony from Surrey U.K.

  • Great product! I was able to get back to playing guitar much faster and much more comfortably than I expected. I highly recommend QuikCallus to anyone either starting or returning to a string instrument.

  • I just started to play the ukulele and needed to develop some calluses fast. Up until that time the only stringed instrument I had ever played was the harp and those calluses are long behind me. I searched online for "guitar calluses" and found quick callus. The product came quickly and did everything it promised. I'm pleased with quick callus and now am developing my own calluses. It is good to know that I have the solution I need for playing my ukulele! Thank you! Sharon

  • QuickCallus worked very well for me. I am a beginner at the guitar and just about the time you are getting the hang of it your fingers give out and hurt so bad it slows your progress. QuickCallus got me over the hump! I have recommend it to my friend who has suddenly developed an interest in the guitar.

  • This product does exactly what is advertises. It dries quickly and extends guitar playing sessions. My practice and playing is much more pleasurable. Thank you so much for this excellent product.

  • QuikCallus works very well to keep my finger tips from getting sore, enabling me to apply more pressure to the strings of my guitar without pain. It is virtually invisible on my finger tips.

  • initial use for guitar playing...easy product to use, actually does add a callus to your finger tip, one good tip: add it to your finger a good hour before you want to play to be sure it is completely dry. Good product - I recommend it. Mark

  • "QuikCallus saved the day. I play a few instruments, usually on Sundays, and work a full-time job. By the time I get around to playing my guitar for rehearsal, I've often lost some of my calluses. My fingers are in pain until I work up the calluses again. When I found QuikCallus online, it was like my prayers were answered. I put it on and my pain level drops through the floor. After a few applications, I've noticed my calluses building up, just because of QuikCallus. The fact that its non-toxic puts me at ease when I use it. For guitar players in my field, it's the answer." Dan Wilt Worship Leader Nashville, TN

  • No false promises. It works exactly as advertised

  • Easy to apply and use and very effective but let your fingers heal first if you have damaged them beforehand.

  • Love this product. Works as advertised and makes playing banjo for a beginner much easier.

  • Thus far, I've used QuickCallus twice on my fretting hand fingertips when they were quite sore from practicing guitar. As one who has only been playing for 3 months, I'm quite zealous about learning and practicing as much as I can and my fingers get inflamed from daily practice. After applying QuickCallus and letting it dry, it acts as a protective coating, reducing soreness tremendously and allowing me to practice more often.

  • I was looking for something to help protect my hands during an intense 2 day kettlebell training held in hot weather. I applied QuikCallus over the natural callouses on my palms and it seemed to add just enough extra protection without hindering performance as gloves or tape would. No blisters!

  • Great product. Works just as described. I was able to practice guitar longer and being a beginner, for about the third time around, my fingers didnt get as sore which has kept me focused on learning to play. I would definitely recommend it.

  • Great product for guitar players. I now have really hard callused fingertips, and I can play for hours. I don't know what I would have done without your product. I will purchase more when need be. Also works great on silicone eyeglass nose pieces to reduce irritation or allergic reactions. Let it dry overnight. I love it!

  • Amazing product, I am more than satisfied, I am a beginner guitar player and this product helped me so much, I am able to play longer without my fingers hurting and the sound coming out it is way more smooth and professional! AMAZING!!!

  • QuikCallus is absolutely my go-to-product now whenever I need to prepare for a long session in the studio. Natural calluses are great and all, but honestly, I feel like QuikCallus can give you that extra help you need when you need it with no strings attached.

  • I lost the tip of my left index finger when I was 18, many years ago. I found that layering a couple of coats of quick Callus on the index finger tip allows for easy fretting using that finger, and I eliminated any string buzzing as a result of not being able to exert enough force, when fretting guitar strings.

  • Although I was practicing a lot my finger tips kept on being sensitive and I had to limit my practice sessions to 20 minutes. After I started using QuikCallus I could immediately extend my practicing to 45 minutes without pain. Works like a charm. Highly recommended.

  • I play with plastic finger picks, and OuikCallus works great to glue your finger picks on so you don't lose them during a performance.

  • I am a 71 year old (young) man that decided to learn to play the piano after I retired. Now I've decided to try my hand at the acoustic guitar. I found this product while searching guitar lessons on the web. I've used it for several weeks and it has been a great help in building up my finger tip calluses. I would definitely recommend it.

  • As a budding guitarist I had really tender fingertips fretting the strings and quick callus helped me keep practicing. It really does do what it says it can do. I had to push so hard to fret a string but quick callus stiffened up the finger tip so I was able to fret with less pressure.

  • It's a great product and it's just too bad it wasn't around in 1956. I only have one student and he likes it too. It makes accurate string bending much easier for one to learn. TJC

  • I'm in cleaning products, dish soap etc. I can't keep a good callus therefore, when a friend told me about QuikCallus (he plays an upright bass), I had to give it a try. It works wonderfully! It makes playing my mandolin much more enjoyable!!

  • This thing really Works ! The tip of my middle finger had developed painful chronic soars that hindered my guitar playing.Well, i had stopped learning guitar because of this painful and irritating experience.But now am using this finger without any pains and even after playing i dont feel anything .Chords and riffs i didnt dare use my middle finger are now friendly and am enjoying it even more.

  • After my fingers get sore from paying for a while I slap on some quick callus and I keep on going pain free.

  • Quikcallus takes a few minutes to dry but your patience will be rewarded. It greatly increases the time I can play my acoustic guitar before my fingers get too sore. It also provides a slick surface that allows me to slide up and down the strings more easily and seems to give my strings a crisper sound. The little bottle seems to last forever. Don't be fooled by the small size and light weight. I ordered two more bottles for future use but can't seem to use up the first bottle!

  • Great product for a musician who's been inactive for a few years. Now I can pick up my instrument and play for more than half an hour!

  • This guitar player has tried several different products to reduce fingertip pain. QuikCallus is the best product! It simulates real calluses better than the others. Lasts longer than the other leading product. Does not clog/harden in the bottle like some other products. I rarely play without using QuikCallus.

  • Prompt delivery, Nice Touch with the Complementary Guitar Pick! Using about once daily for about 4 weeks...avoiding lots of wet hands exposure (rubber gloves when dishwashing, etc), and seem to be making decent progress with my guitar-pickin' calluses, which had really almost vanished due to minimal time for practice. Now only about 5-10 minutes, 4-5 times a week. A comment here: a good 12 string with a well-done action job (nice and low, for fingerpicking) is easier on the fingers than a 6 string...the pressure on each fingertip is distributed over a slightly larger area. This is especially appreciated when your calluses were as degraded as mine were! The price was also low enough that I could afford to gift a couple of guitar friends at work. That was Really Appreciated!

  • As a natural skeptic, I was wary of the claims and reviews I had read concerning QuikCallus. After ordering and using the product, I can honestly say that this stuff works. I am able to play guitar longer without the soreness that usually would come from playing. It has helped me develop my own natural calluses without all the pain. I highly recommend QuikCallus for any beginning guitar player. It will help with the learning process as you don't need to take a day off of playing because your fingers hurt. Thanks for the amazing product!!

  • Great for long playing sessions! Say goodbye to finger soreness.

  • I have found this product to be exactly what I had hoped. It gives me added protection when playing guitar for long periods (up to two hours during live gigs), and prevents my fingers from becoming too "grooved", which was proving a problem. It seems to last for several days, and is easily re-applied when needed.

  • Used with my acoustic guitar. Works great.

  • QuikCallus works as advertised and very economical - you use very little per application and it will last an entire session

  • It does exactly what it says it does, with no side effects or visable marks.

  • QuikCallus helps protect fingers tips while calluses are developing and prevents calluses from flaking off prematurely! I play acoustic guitar and we do country music show every month. On show day, we rehearse with the guest vocalists and then do the show which requires me to play almost constantly for nearly 8 hours. Having QuikCallus to support my own calluses and protect my fingertips is a big help.

  • I had my doubts about this product but it really has helped me with guitar. I recently started learning to play and in my zeal would practice for hours. The next day, my fingers would feel so sensitive and bruised. But after QuickCallus, I found I had less to no pain the next day, and also found I could play for longer AND right away the next day too! This product has really helped me.

  • I have been practicing so much that either I am wearing the skin off faster than it can grow, or at age 67 I just can't produce natural callouses like I did when I was young. My finger tips were just beaten up and in constant pain until I found Quick Callus. It is magic!

  • QuickCallus has helped me progress much faster in my guitar lessons than I could've without it. I'll be ordering more soon.

  • If you haven't played the guitar in a while QuikCallus is the answer.

  • I'm a guitar player, the reason I checked out QuickCallus is for those times when you've had to play for a long time and your fingers are shot, QuickCallus is a great way to get though a gig if you're to that point.

  • QuikCallus doubles the time I can spend playing my 12-string guitar, which is twice as hard on the fingers as a 6-string. My fingers eventually get sore even with QuikCallus, but not nearly as fast. And my callus stays in tact. It's only the skin underneath that gets a little tender after prolonged pressure from the strings. The next day my fingers are ready to go again without having to wait for the skin to grow back. I've very glad I found this stuff.

  • Works great! Has made picking back up the guitar more enjoyable faster! Been using for about 6 months and is perfect!

  • I have unsuccessfully tried to learn basic guitar several times as an adult, including buying nice instruments to help inspire me. My fingers always hurt too much to make it worthwhile, especially because I couldn't find time to practice daily in order to build up calluses. QuikCallus did exactly what it said. I now have been playing 4 or 5 times a week for about a month and am past the critical stage. I still use QuikCallus if I'm practicing for longer periods or if it's been a few days. It works EXACTLY as promised!

  • Works great

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